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  • Charles Cheetah

Human Zoo!

As we mentioned previously, we have been working hard to try and help the remaining humans left on this planet. There aren't many left, unfortunately. This leads me to the introduction of the first human zoo! This is for conservation of the species. Yes, you will be able to come and see some of the last humans on the planet. Your money will go to supporting the facilities and helping the staff create a wonderful environment for the remaining people. We have based our zoo around early, modern humans.

For $12 you can watch humans scavenge for their food (generously provided by us), establish places to live, and navigate (controlled) wild settings. I assure you, it is not to be missed. We truly want to help these poor creatures. They have nothing left. Their own ignorance and stupidity lead them to this point. Please, if you can, buy a ticket to the zoo and help the conservation efforts as we save this species from extinction!

(Don't forget to stop at the gift shop on your way out!)

- Charles the Cheetah,

First ANML Leader of the NNA (New North America)

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